Georgia State Capitol
There were a total of 1160 bills introduced in the 2009 session of the General Assembly. Out of the 1160 bills, 352 became law. 30% of the bills introduced in the House and Senate became a law. Each of these laws regulate and govern everything from your speed on Georgia roads (HB160) to homeschoolers participation in the student honors program (SB210) to boll weevil eradication (SB43).

Set aside the merits of the law (i.e., whether it is good or bad) and let’s get into the decision making process that goes into deciding to vote yes or no on a bill. When you decide whether or not legislation is beneficial or harmful ask yourself some questions:

*How does it contribute to or take away from my liberties?

*Does the passage of it mean less government and less taxes?

*Is justice meted as a result of it?

*Does it overstep the proper role of government?

*What are the underlying assumptions and implications of it?

These are the questions legislators must also ask themselves when a bill crosses their desks. The legislators answers to these questions affect your liberties and the freedoms you enjoy from year to year. I ask myself the above questions each time my vote is needed on a bill, as my decisions affect your quality of life in Georgia.

An emotional decision may be a popular decision but disrespect those it seeks to protect. For example, HB219 states that “antifreeze sold in this state containing more than 10% ethylene glycol shall include denatonium benzoate as an aversive agent to render it unplalatable…” In short, antifreeze sold in Georgia will include a chemical to make it more bitter. Therefore, if it tastes bad then the animals and people will not drink it.

Let’s just list a few of the underlying assumptions & implications with the passage of HB219 bill:

    • *You are not capable of ensuring your children & pets don’t drink antifreeze 

      *You place antifreeze so they are accessible to your children & pets

      *It is more important to make antifreeze unpalatable than ensure its composition works best for your vehicle during our sweltering summers and freezing winters

      *The price of antifreeze may increase because companies must now create a special formula for Georgia’s vehicles

On February 2nd, this bill passed the House by a vote of 142 (Yea (Y)) to 25 (Nay (N)). It has not yet gone to the Senate.

I was one of the “Nay” votes. I voted against HB219’s passage because I trust your judgement as a voter and respect your ability to do what is best for you and your family. My vote has garnered emails from parents and animal organizations that accuse me of being uncaring and unconcerned. This is patently untrue. HB219 means more regulation and oversteps the role of government. It does not impact justice issues or contribute to your liberties. As stated earlier, the emotional decision is not always the popular one.

UPDATE: HB219 did not get to the Senate.

Additional information:

Georgia General Assembly:


HB219 text:


HB219: Record of votes:


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