Election season

Due to this economy and the policies of the Obama administration, everyone knows someone that has either lost their job or their home if it has not already happened to them directly. The government takeover of the auto industry, health insurance and, potentially, Wall St. has stunned America but we are not destroyed.

Georgia and the country are in a state of upheaval. With upheaval comes transition and with transition comes opportunity.  As a nation, we can either raise our voices and fight to return this country to our constitutional principles or we can be lulled into the abyss of more government control.

Elections have consequences. As a nation, we understand this now more than ever.

This November there are races for everything from school board to commissioner to governor.  Each person that you elect to represent you has the potential to impact your everyday life. They will tell you which schools your children can attend, whether or not you will have a sidewalk in your neighborhood, what you can or cannot do while in your car and how much money you have to spend on your family.

As you stand in the voting booth and cast your ballot for the many candidates seeking to represent your interests, answer the questions:

  • What are those values that are non-negotiables for me and my family?
  • Where can I make an impact to ensure those values are maintained?
  • Who has the life experiences and wisdom to help me preserve those values?
  • When am I going to act on those values I hold dear?
  • How do I want my story to end about my actions today?
  • Why would I not take a stand?

Remove the noise of the campaign season. Focus on those ideals that will make you and your family stronger. Resolve to vote your values.

~ by hunter7taylor on October 18, 2010.

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