Social justice #FAIL

Social justice is defined as the fair distribution of assets, advantages and benefits to all members of a society.

On simple linguistic and logic terms, this, as so many progressive ideals, is a losing proposition. Using an ambiguous term such as “fair” along with an absolute term such as “all” is a recipe for failure. For non-critical thinkers: what is fair for one is inherently unfair for another & to exclude one person or entity from the “all” group takes the definition to some; therefore, social justice failure.

~ by hunter7taylor on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Social justice #FAIL”

  1. Forget about distribution of assets, it isn’t even possible to create a fair tax system. See: TAXES

    Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

  2. Indeed. Fair may be the most dangerous word in America. Mainly because everyone thinks they know exactly what it means and thinks that everyone else understands it as they do.

    One version of fair is everyone paying the same price. Rich or poor, black or white, citizen or visitor, we all pay the same for a coke at the vending machine. The same $ for the same product/service. Sometimes car registration is this way. Clunker or Rolls, you pay the same yearly fee. That’s fair.

    A second version of fair is that everyone pays the same percentage. I buy $100 of groceries and I’ll pay less sales tax than my neighbor who buys $300. The more you get, the nicer the car, the more you pay. The same percentage. That’s fair.

    A third version is that those who have more pay a larger percentage. The version centers on flipping the idea on its head from what you owe to what you can afford to part with. After a certain level, you can “afford” to hand over a larger percentage of it (up to all of it for some leftists) to the state. And that is fair. (To them.)

  3. Screw Bertrand Russell!

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