Public school teachers meet private sector practices

It's not rocket science just Economics 101

It is a well-known fact that the US is in a recession. Every segment of the economy has taken a hit or soon will (except, of course, government).   The state legislatures all the way down to the local school boards are trimming the budgets the best way they know how: furloughs, layoffs and school closings.

Apparently, some teachers feel they should not be laid off & some parents feel that their schools should not be closed.

The first things they say is: “What about the children?” “The state is balancing the budget on the backs of our children.” “Don’t close the school.”

Well, let’s answer the first question: “What about the children?”  The children will be fine.  They will be in a larger classroom with more students competing to learn.  Hey, just like life!  Clearly, smaller class sizes have not netted the desired results, so let’s pack ’em in.  A little competition never hurt anyone and it makes the learning experience more valued and fruitful.  It’s about supply/demand.  The demand for a quality learning experience is high and the ability to supply it is low.  Therefore, it is a more valued experience.

Next statement: “The state is balancing the budget on the childrens’ backs.”  No they are balancing it on the teachers’ backs.  It’s business.  When a private sector company must trim the budget the first place it looks is employee labor.  Employees are the most expensive item on a company’s balance sheet so that is the first area where expenses are cut.  It’s no different when a General Assembly (responsible for not spending more than it takes in) looks to trim the budget.  This is life, deal with it.

Last but not least: “Don’t close the schools.”  I have never seen such ardent vocalized opposition to closing schools that, more than likely, suck anyway!   We have parents coming out in droves.  They march on school board meetings, talk to local news stations, recount stories of having to tell their children that the school is closing and even put the kids on tv asking that the schools not close.  I mean really!!  The kids aren’t learning and the teachers teach to the standardized tests.  Students are not taught to think critically, they are not taught about the Founding Fathers and are not taught about capitalism & economics.  But the parents want to keep the schools open…unbelievable!  Since when did mediocrity tranform into something worth fighting for! 

DeKalb adopts budget with school closings

Cobb schools might have to push classroom size to 40

More Georgia schools facing deeper budget cuts, state can’t bail them out

~ by hunter7taylor on April 23, 2010.

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