Is not every crime a “Hate” crime?

The Hate Crimes Bill is now law.  

What does the legislation say?  In a nutshell, a “Hate” crime is a crime committed against another because of someone’s race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, race, gender.  The legislation allows  a state’s Attorney General to provide assistance (e.g., technical, financial, prosecutorial, etc.) to law enforcement agencies for crimes falling under the category of “Hate” crimes.

The Obama administration’s next steps are to provide “new resources” to help combat hate crimes, improve hate crimes reporting and provide education and training resources to combat prejudice.

On the surface, sounds like a good bill; however, when exploring the implications, the waters become muddy.  A few questions to ask are: 

–Doesn’t everyone fall under this legislation?  Check these scenarios: an Arab female Muslim is accused and convicted of attacking a white male Christian (in a wheelchair) or someone with bipolar disorder attacks someone with depression? Where does it end?

–Are not the current legislation and prosecution penalties sufficient to properly punish those guilty of crimes?  If not, why not shore up those laws instead of passing new ones?

–If there is not effectiveness in enforcing the current laws, why pass new ones?  We will simply have another law on the books that remains unenforced.

Follow the money.  The bill allows additional financial resources (grants) for the investigation of hate crimes.  In this recession, departments need additional monies just to maintain operations.  Has this bill now allowed for the prioritization of investigations?  What will be said to those, who for any reason, fall outside of the “Hate Crime” definition?

Aren’t all crimes “hate” crimes?  You certainly do not harm anyone you “love”.

Alas, the “Great Hope for Race Relations” has done nothing more than advance the cause of victimhood. 

Further reading:–whats-next

~ by hunter7taylor on November 10, 2009.

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