Homeschooling abduction

There seems to be a pattern developing here.  The German government is forcibly removing children from their parents, not because of abuse or neglect but because the parents are homeschooling their children.  According to the German government, the state is better able to educate the child better than the parents:

Now, before you say, “this is just an isolated incident and the U.S. would not even get close to this type of thinking, the great state of California (in all its wisdom) almost outlawed homeschooling.  There was a decision reversal by the courts that allowed homeschooling to stand.  However, school officials (can you say, NEA) use intimidation tactics to discourage homeschooling:

Take a look at the video: War Declared on Home-Schoolers.

~ by hunter7taylor on November 6, 2009.

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