Are you a US citizen? Don’t ask, don’t tell

During the 2010 Census (the one that ACORN was going to conduct & the same one that was under the Commerce Dept. but now falls under the White House), there will no longer be a question asking if you are a citizen of the US; that question will be eliminated from the questionnaire.

This is is alarming because:
1.  Redistricting will occur in 2011
2.  The 2010 Census data will show 20 million illegal aliens…er, new “citizens” (if comprehensive immigration reform passes)
3.  Dems will redraw districts to maintain their majority & diffuse the GOP’s voting blocks & Congressional districts

If you believe the Dems are going to cross-check databases to check if a census report is from a citizen or non-citizen, seek rehab.  Here’s the article: Senate blocks census US-citizenship question

~ by hunter7taylor on November 6, 2009.

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